Are you sitting comfortably? No?…

Then you need a free visit and assessment with our DSE trained Consultant, so that we can diagnose the root of the problem.

Working closely with our key Seating suppliers, X2FURNITURE can provide individuals, or even whole departments, with cost effective solutions for correct ‘posture’ throughout your organisation.

Once staff members have been assessed, then we provide a free ‘try before you buy’ procedure, so that users can ‘trial’ their chair(s) before commitment to order!


“Task chairs with synchronised mechanisms providing free-float back action with lockable positions, integral seat slide, ratchet back height adjustment and tension adjustment."

Approved Humanscale dealers

"Ergonomics is the applied science of understanding you and your interaction with everything around you; it focusses on your environment as a whole and not just one element of it. Good ergonomics maximises your comfort, safety and performance to increase your efficiency and well-being.”

Please call for a FREE no obligation consultation and assessment.

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These chairs are preventative, corrective and affordable - providing distinctive support and multi-adjustment.

Some of the key features include:

 • Heavy duty 3 lever mechanism for independent seat and backrest angle adjustment

 • Optional seat depth and arm adjustments

 • Bodyweight tension control

 • Spine shaped contoured backrests

 • Inflatable lumber support

 • Double curved waterfall seat with deep under-pan

 • 5 year structural guarantee


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